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at the screen, several hours later, is still down. you promised the system would be ready on october 1st. you're clearly wrong. so before i leave you today, i would impress upon you this is more than a broken website. this is a broken law, millions of americans are getting notices their plans are being canceled. >> gentlelady's time is expired. i just -- i would do a couple of things here. first, i'm going to ask unanimous consent that the written opening statements for any member on the committee be interest dugsed into the record and without objection, the documents will be there. consent to put the document binder and other documents presented to the secretary during questioning into the record without objection. so ordered. let me say in conclusion, we do look forward to having you back in december to get an update on where we are. we'll work with your schedule to find a right time and date early that week. i want you to know we're going to want real numbers. you'll have them by then, is that right, in terms of signup? >> we'll have them by mid november. >> we look for
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1